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Leading European Industries to build Fusion Power Plants

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Frank H. Laukien, Executive Chairman of Gauss Fusion

Our mission is to lead the commercialization of magnetic confinement fusion power plants and related technologies.

Frank H. Laukien,Executive Chairman of Gauss Fusion GmbH

We are committed to drive the development and implementation of safe and carbon-free power production to guarantee energy independence for future generations.

Milena Roveda,Chief Operating Officer
Milena Roveda, Chief Operating Officer
Frédérick Bordry, Chairman of the Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board

Gauss Fusion will significantly accelerate the integration of the technologies needed to build a grid-connected fusion power plant by bringing together leading industries, scientists, and institutes within a framework of integrity and mutual collaboration.

Frédérick Bordry,Chairman of the Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board

At a glance

A Greentech Venture founded by companies with industrial fusion technology experience

Implementing a strategy based on high-field magnetic confinement fusion

Accelerating fusion with venture speed and via private/public partnerships

Collaborating with world leading science and technology institutions


Leading the commercialization of Fusion Power Plants (FPP) as a magnetic confinement fusion innovator and as architect of the first industrialized gigawatt-class power plant (Gauss GIGA-Kraftwerk) by 2045

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    Connecting the world’s best fusion scientists with experienced European industrial fusion technology experts

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    Moving at venture speed

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    Implementing high-field magnetic confinement as fastest approach to fusion energy production

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    Applying best-practices from industry

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    Leveraging experienced European companies with a successful track record in constructing fusion components

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    Using former nuclear fission power plant sites including their infrastructure for accelerating construction and reducing costs

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    Collaborating with authorities to accelerate licensing process for fusion power plants

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    Integrating fusion power into the grid as a base load provider to complement renewables


Report in Il Sole 24 Ore
8 min.

Report in Il Sole 24 Ore

Introducing Gauss Fusion and its Italian Co-Founders (in Italian)

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Press Release Febuary 2023
6 min.

Press Release Febuary 2023

Gauss Fusion completed a founders’ pre-seed financing round

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Interview with RiffReporter
12 min.

Interview with RiffReporter

Frank Laukien presents his vision for Gauss Fusion (in German)

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Founders and strategic partners

Supporting scientific institutions



Currently in discussion with further institutions


Board of Directors

Executive Chairman

Frank H. Laukien is the Executive Chairman of Gauss Fusion GmbH. He is President and CEO of Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR, ~$2.5B revenue), including the Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies (BEST) division. After his Abitur in Germany, he earned a Bachelor of Science in physics from MIT, and a Ph.D. in chemical physics from Harvard University. He is a senator of acatech – the German Academy of Technical Sciences. Frank has numerous publications and patents, is an expert in superconducting materials and magnet technology. Frank is co- founder of venture companies in therapeutics and space exploration, and author of two books Active Biological Evolution and Origins & Evolution. Frank is a Visiting Scholar in the Harvard Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, co-Founder of the Galileo Project, and Co-Chair of the AACR Cancer Evolution Working Group. He is passionate about clean fusion, solar and wind energy and European strategic energy independence.

Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB)

Chairman of the Gauss Fusion SSAB

Frédérick Bordry is the Chair of the Gauss Fusion Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB). Frédérick obtained a PhD in electrical engineering from Institute National Polytechnique de Toulouse - INPT in 1978, he then obtained his State Doctorate in Sciences in the same institution, in 1985, after two years of at Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), he started his career with CERN in 1986. Gaining experience in various positions he was appointed Director for Accelerators and Technology at CERN in 2014, responsible for operation of the CERN accelerator complex, with emphasis on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the development of new projects (post LHC accelerators) and technologies. Frédérick has managed many large projects (annual budget 400 M€) and covering a range of advanced technologies from superconductivity, power conversion, cryogenics, vacuum systems, coatings and surface treatments to complex process control. He has been a long-time advocate for sustainability in energy science. He is main initiator of the workshop “Energy for Sustainable Science at Research Infrastructures”. Since 2021, he has been an honorary member of CERN, advisor to the Director General of CERN and scientific advisor to several institutions, industries and start-ups.